CKF knives. Message for fakes makers.

PATENT Pending knives designs! We have all necessary documents to close your listing of fake CKF knife on Aliexpress or Ebay.

The note above is for you, Chinese manufacturers and sellers.

We are proud to produce knives from some of the finest designers that exhibit a high level of old world craftsmanship with high tech materials and techniques. We take our business and service seriously, we look forward to providing you the limited edition knives with our superior service. Our business is online, nevertheless we take part in several world knives exhibitions (BladeShow, ShotShow, IWA). We are located in Moscow (Russia), ordering best materials from USA suppliers and using CNC machines for making details in the best Chinese workshop ever. Our location helps keep our costs in line which is why we can offer you great knives with TOP-materials while still providing you with affordable prices. It all helps us achieve our goal: Low Prices - Superior Quality.

Customized CKF knives

We try to work only with best of the best Russian customizers, that's why these knives are rare, perfect and unique.

Shipping and Payment


- We ship worldwide except CANADA, Israel, Ukraine. Why? Because of customs or other reasons. And now we ship to Australia!!
- Shipping cost is free for every knife shipped.
- We ship your knife with tracking number in 2 business days after your payment.

How long?

- Note, that it usually takes 12-19 days for the shipping to get to your location from Moscow.


Sure. You may check your tracking number in your site account. Login ---> Orders. The "export" status of tracking may not change for 7-11 days, after that shipping may suddenly appear in your city :) Keep an eye on it please.


Now we use only PayPal.


We Accept PayPal payments (4th step when you make order)
We Accept credit and debit cards via PayPal
We Accept 26 currencies from 203 countries
We Accept PayPal Credit payments (U.S. only)


FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE: - shipping worldwide. CKF's store. All models available. You buy directly from manufacturer

RUSSIA: - Магазин в Санкт-Петербурге: коллекционные ножи, а также ножи для ежедневного использования, дорогие и не очень - первый российский ножевой магазин. Доставка по Москве и в регионы.
www.Rezat.RU - крупнейший российский ножевой магазин. Доставка по Москве и в регионы. Все формы оплаты - ножевой магазин с почтовой и курьерской доставкой по России - сеть розничных магазинов и интернет-магазин, работающий с доставкой по всей стране и даже с доставкой за границу - дислоцированный в Новосибирске ножевой магазин с отличной репутацией - интернет-магазин ножей Алексея Пономарева - московский ножевой мультибрендовый магазин владельцев бренда CKF - Ножи и EDC в Тюмени - онлайн и офлайн ритейлер. Ножи, луки, арбалеты, товары для туризма (Санкт-Петербург)
Магазин "Русские Мастера" в ТЦ "Экстрим", павильон П1.

USA: - Since 1995 the Knifecenter has been striving to deliver the best service, value and the largest selection of cutlery products to their customers around the world. - With over 20 years of experience in the knife industry GPKNIVES company has learned that there are a few important factors that go into keeping their customers happy. They believe having a good selection of products, coupled with competitive pricing and customer service are the key ingredients to their success. - Blade HQ is a full time Internet cutlery business with a brick and mortar store. "HQ" stands for "headquarters" but over time was simply shortened to "HQ." Blade HQ has become one of the online destinations for cutlery and gear. They specialize in high-end LEO, military and collectible folding knives (folding, fixed, custom, assisted, automatic, butterfly- you name it!). Their goal is to have the most incredible selection of "in stock" knives available anywhere while providing outstanding customer service and pricing. - Store Rusblade was established in 2011 and sells ONLY original authentic knives!

EU: - This store offers knives of the very best manufacturers from Russia, Finland, Japan, Germany - One of the most popular knife stores in Europe

Thailand: - Worldwide shipping. Accepting PayPal.
Hong Kong: - Maban Trading Co. 253-261 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 6859-5157

Vancouver: - Worldwide shipping. Accepting PayPal.


  • The knife is a beauty and the action is incredible. Absolutely love this knife!

    Chris C.

    Gratch buyer

  • This is the sweetest manual flipper in my collection that is light weight, unique, and well made. No need for a thumb stud - the flipper detent and action are perfect. The Ti frame lock appears to have a replaceable insert at the lock up point to prevent blade wear. The pocket clip is perfectly placed and shaped. This has features of two favorite knives - Sebenza25 and Spydey Endura (with wave). This textured titanium feels secure, and is a beautiful gray / pearl honeycomb. If you prefer holding a knife with your thumb on the jimping portion of the blade spine, you will love its ergonomics.

    Eric J.

    Morrf buyer

  • its a chris reeve wit better opening i like it!!!! cest un couteau de qualiter il es tres solide et louverture ce fait comme par magie grace au bearing! mon chris reeve es beaucoup plus dure pour l'ouverture jaimerais tellement qun jour que reeve produit un flipper ou encore qu'il introduise les bering mais reste que reeve ces couteau son incroyable merci

    Jocelyn G

    Garza buyer


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