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Welcome to CKF Official site and shop

HISTORY: We have been in knife market since 2012 and work only with best designers in industry. More than 6000 Clients worldwide. Have a look at CKF Clients World Map!. Worldwide net of dealerships. And we are still small family business. Support local custom knifemakers and small business!

OUR KNIVES: They say the quality of our knives many other makers would charge at least double for. We call them "midtech" knives, but want them to be like custom ones. We do not copy one old design with slight changes. All our knives are different. Limited. Numbered. Made with best machines and hands.

LOYALTY PROGRAM: We welcome you to CKF Loyalty program. Check your email after your first order is marked "delivered" in our System. You support us, we support you.

OUR PLANS: Our Clients base is growing constantly and we are not going to stop. More new designs and collaborations are coming.


www.fromrussiawithknives.com - shipping worldwide. Official CKF's store. All models available. If you buy at FRWK, you buy directly from manufacturer

http://www2.knifecenter.com - Since 1995 the Knifecenter has been striving to deliver the best service, value and the largest selection of cutlery products to their customers around the world.
http://forthenrycustomknives.com - Fort Henry Custom Knives is Owned and Operated by Vince Roberts. Vince has been in the knife business for over a decade and deals only in Custom and High Quality Limited Edition knives. With outstanding Customer Service and a very selective eye for quality, Fort Henry is one of the most trusted dealers in the industry.
http://www.bladehq.com - Blade HQ is a full time Internet cutlery business with a brick and mortar store. "HQ" stands for "headquarters" but over time was simply shortened to "HQ." Blade HQ has become one of the online destinations for cutlery and gear. They specialize in high-end LEO, military and collectible folding knives (folding, fixed, custom, assisted, automatic, butterfly- you name it!). Their goal is to have the most incredible selection of "in stock" knives available anywhere while providing outstanding customer service and pricing.
http://rusblade.com - Store Rusblade was established in 2011 and sells ONLY original authentic knives!

http://mygoodknife.com/ - This store offers knives of the very best manufacturers from Russia, Finland, Japan, Germany
http://lamnia.com/ - One of the most popular knife stores in Europe

Exclusive CKF knife distributor: Mr.Du , tel: (86)13953798810; Wechat: LLDY24
Official CKF spinner shop at Taobao: https://shop142152554.world.taobao.com/

Thailand: http://www.kitonlineknife.com/ - Worldwide shipping. Accepting PayPal.
Hong Kong: http://www.maban.com.hk - Maban Trading Co. 253-261 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 6859-5157

Vancouver: http://elitecustomknives.com - Worldwide shipping. Accepting PayPal.

https://www.lionknives.com.au - Family owned Australian company, dedicated to bringing back the long forgotten "customer is always right" slogan to knife retail industry.

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