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About CKF

CKF (Custom Knife Factory)

Hailing from Moscow in the heart of Russia, Custom Knife Factory specializes in old world craftsmanship using high-tech materials and techniques. We seek to offer superior quality knives to our Customers and affordable prices with high attention to detail.

HISTORY: We have been in knife market since 2012 and work only with best designers in industry. More than 6000 Clients worldwide. Have a look at CKF Clients World Map!. Worldwide net of dealerships. And we are still small family business. Support local custom knifemakers and small business!

OUR TEAM: Mike Kulygin (owner-operator, QC), Anastasiya Kulygina (logistics), Kate Naumkina (manager), Anton Malyshev (3D, visualisation, machining, design), Yan Xuecai (logistics, QC), Aleksey Konygin (3D, knifemaking, design), Stas Bondarenko (brilliant customizing, knifemaking). 

OUR KNIVES: They say the quality of our knives many other makers would charge at least double for. We call them "midtech" knives, but want them to be like custom ones. We do not copy one old design with slight changes. All our knives are different. Limited. Numbered. Made with Russian and American materials, best outsource Chinese machining, finished and customized with assiduous Russian hands. And yes, we are first on market who add additional case, pouch, all little screws, full pivot system, bearings, steel lock insert and even clip to every knife shipped.

LOYALTY PROGRAM: We welcome you to CKF Loyalty program. Check your email after your first order is marked "delivered" in our System. You support us, we support you.

OUR PLANS: Our Clients base is growing constantly and we are not going to stop. More new designs and collaborations are coming. We attend almost in every Knife Show around the World.

Thank you for your support,

kind regards from Russia,

Mike Kulygin

CKF Owner

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